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School Services and Support 

Every educational provider and school should have access to the best IT solutions and support to assure the best-in-class delivery of educational programs to students. As technology grows integral to the running of our classrooms, the pressure on a functioning school network and services become increasingly critical. A weak or dysfunctional network can easily become overwhelmed by the increasing pressure a growing number of PC's Tablets, and Phones connecting to its network can have. 


We know how important a working network is to the functionality of a school environment. We realise that a well-functioning, secure network, with the ability to grow and evolve with the needs of the school, is a vital service that's schools deserve. 

We know that college, secondary and primary school IT support will have different IT requirements and operate on different budgets. We offer dynamic approaches to IT support to fit all budgets. Our approach allows us to cater for every school on an individual basis and guarantees the best service possible for our clients 

School IT Audits

IT Audit includes


  • Wifi & Network functionality audit

  • Upgrade of the network in line with schools IT development plan.

  • All on-site IT usability audit

  • Full onsite IT usability report

  • Cost report for the upgrade of all useable IT

  • Disassembly and recycling of all unusable IT

  • Removal and destruction of old Hard drives

  • Sourcing and supply of additional IT (if necessary)

  • Installation and set up of new IT

  • Implementation of IT maintenance plan

  • IWB Sourcing and Installation

  • Upgrading IWB solutions

  • Hardware Upgrades

  • Software Upgrades

  • Driver Issue Fixes

  • Board Calibration

  • Hardware Replacement 

  • Projector Lamp Replacement and Installation

  • Projector Replacement and Installation

Interactive White Board (IBW)

  • Projector Installation 

  • Projector recycling 

  • Filter Replacement

  • Bulb Replacement

  • Projector Maintenance & Cleaning

Projector Sales 
  • Long-throw Projectors

  • Short-throw Projectors

  • LCD Projectors

  • Smart Projectors


Image by Shahadat Rahman
  • Netwok Security 

  • Network Management 

  • IT Security Audit

  • Cyber Security

  • Workplace Security 


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