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Planning for the future
with Digital Planning and Digital Audits 

Digital Audit's & Digital Plan's
What we can do for your school!

In today's world, taking stock of what you have and what you need is more important than ever before. Dunne Computers is a small educational IT consultancy company based in Wicklow Town that specialises in educational IT maintenance and supply. 

Digital Audits are essential for any school to fully understand which areas they are strong, and in which areas they need to improve.  Digital Audits are the first step in creating your schools Digital Plan. Digital plans are essential when outlining your schools future plans for developing educational IT, and how to budget for those changes over the coming years.   At Donal Dunne Computers we have worked with many schools in Co. Wicklow.  We understand the challenges and expectations placed on schools by parents and students. With this in mind, our experienced approach to working within budgetary constraints will help you find creative options to make your budget stretch further. 

Common Issues

Slow Laptops and PC's

Due to the pressure of running a classroom, teachers laptops/desktop PC's can become painfully slow affecting the teacher's ability to run their class effectively.  

Class Room Projectors 

Many interactive whiteboards operate with the use of a projector.  If this projector fails the class can be left without a working smartboard for an extended period of time. Projector cleaning and maintenance is essential if you want to get the longest life out of your equipment.  Dust covered projectors will overheat causing bulbs to blow or motherboard damage, leaving a costly fix.

Wifi and Network Management 

The classroom landscape is forever changing and adapting with more and more technology.  With this, school's must have a network that is strong enough to handle the ever-increasing loads placed upon it. Whether students have access to classroom laptops / PC's or tablets, the school must have a network capable of allowing this technology function to the best of its ability.  

How to Fix With 

Smart Budget Solutions

In many cases, upgrading hard drives and controlling the workload of these computers can have them working as good as new computers at a fraction of the cost of replacing the unit.  

Smart Budget Solutions 

Understanding your technology is key to saving money down the road.  We take note of the expected hour's life left in the projector's bulbs and filters.  Tracking and keeping logs of when projector filters and bulbs need to be cleaned and replaced allows us automatically order and install spares before disaster strikes. Did you know that it is recommended to replace projectors with bulbs capable of less than 3000 lumens as they will struggle to illuminate the class board sufficiently during daylight hours, and children will find it challenging to read the board?  

Smart Budget Solutions

Adopting a network management system to monitor network functionality and activity.  Isolate issues in wifi connectivity/classroom blackspots, and signal strength issues.  Manage network security and development and highlight areas of concern before issues arise.  

What Our Clients Say


" We got in contact with Donal Dunne Computers, Shay came in and did an audit for us and it really helped us by pinpointing areas where we needed to invest, and also areas where we could afford to hold off on until next year.  "

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